How to Get Your Kids to Eat Green Beans – RECIPE!

Consistency and persistence can work in your favor within the journey of getting your kids to eat vegetables… but I’m here to spill my beans as to what the secret is to getting them to specifically eat AND like green beans.

It’s simple – FLAVOR. But my recipe is also fast and easy! This method has been tried and proven again and again by my own kids; my son specifically can eat an entire serving on his own when prepared like this recipe directs. Oh, and for those picky adults, you should give this a try too!

*I’ve included photos and instructions for using both fresh/raw green beans as well as the more convenient option – canned green beans.


  • canned green beans or fresh green beans
  • salad dressing (preferably “Italian-style” or something oil-based with a robust flavor.)

Yup, that’s it. :)

Okay this may not be scientific literature in regards to children’s eating habits, but hey – this little trick works for our family, so might as well share and who knows, maybe it’ll prove successful for you too!


  1. If you are cooking raw/fresh long green beans, then rinse and trim them first. If you’re like me most of the time, just use a can-opener and pop that Costco green bean top and drain all the water out without losing any of your beans!
  2. Then toss the beans in to a pot with about a 1/2 cup of your kid’s favorite salad dressing (usually something with lots of flavor, Italian-style dressings do the trick perfectly!)
  3. Turn the stovetop to medium heat until you start to see/hear the dressing sizzle, then lower the heat down to halfway between low and medium heat.
  4. For canned green beans, allow to simmer for about 6-7 minutes then remove from heat. If using fresh green beans, simmer until tender (usually about 10 minutes).
  5. Allow to cool, then serve and let the kids go to town! ;)

*Oh! Sometimes I will also add a little bit of Italian-blend seasoning (like oregano/basil/parsley) or a pinch of garlic salt –if the salad dressing that I have on hand is not as bold of a flavor. I’m telling you – flavor is the key! :D ALSO– try with parmesan cheese sprinkled over top!

x. Heather