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My top Current PRACTICAL Airplane Travel Wellness Tools

My (current) top must-haves at this point in my life, for airplane travel…are targeted at preserving my wellness while cramped inside a tin box flying 30k+ feet in the air while traveling (and the others are snacks, lol).

First up,

1. Gut/Skin/Sinus Support

ION*’s Support Liquid is a wellness tool that’s vital in my opinion, especially while traveling.


The science behind ION* lies in strengthening the cellular integrity of the body’s barriers, including not just the gut, but sinuses and skin as well. Keeping cells connected can help keep these barriers intact, which sets the stage (or “terrain”) for the possibility of seamless interaction between body and microbiome. AKA: defensive barriers to keep toxins and foreign particles out of the blood stream while also allowing nutrients to enter. These seals are protected by the carbon and mineral metabolites of bacterial digestion.

Unfortunately, tight junction barriers can be degraded with exposure to gluten, glyphosate (the main chemical in commercial herbicides), and other environmental insults. ION* has been scientifically shown to promote the strengthening of this barrier through redox signaling, even in the face of those environmental insults.

Some may think that “environmental insults” is a little too serious in terms of traveling…but, before I had such wellness tools in my life, I dreaded airplane travel because of how sensitive my sinuses and skin would get from the stale, “recycled air” while on long hours of air-travel. Couple that with airport craziness and my body systems just felt like crap after every experience and I either ended up getting some kind of cold/sickness, or it took me a full 24 hours-ish to recover.

Now *insert ION* while traveling, and I have drastically lower complaints! My nasal passages and skin doesn’t get as dry, and I don’t dread the hours after unloading from the flying tin-box like I once did! (I’ve been using this product since 2017)

^ Throughout the flight, I use the nasal spray, skin spray and I have a mini bottle of the gut support that I just squirt right in to my mouth (it tastes like nothing, or water, to me personally). You can add to your water/drink if you would rather that.

The skin support:

ION* Skin Support is specially formulated to work with keratinocytes, the primary cells forming your skin barrier.

But, what’s in this liquid?

Check this wellness tool out for yourself, HERE. If you decide to give it a try, you can use my affiliate discount code “HEATHERREST15” to save $ (15% off and will apply to all one-time purchases and product bundles – EXCEPT for the gift with purchase offers {the sinus and travel bottle gift with purchase has an auto-applied code at checkout.} ).

ION* has an article that you can check-out as well with wellness tips for traveling: here.

Also, check out the ION* highlight on my Instagram page, that is FULL of testimonies from others who have also had tremendous success in utilizing such natural support— HERE.

Next up,

2. Relief for Stiffness

For me, this mini acupressure tool/pillow can almost immediately relieve stiffness-related pain on-the-spot, by relieving tension in the muscles–especially for my neck and upper back + sacrum! Pranamat ECO is an excellent wellness tool in general, but especially while flying and sitting in the same seat for extended periods of time. The patented acupressure spikes use the principles of acupressure and reflexotherapy.

I traveled with the Pranamat ECO Limited Hedgehog last year and ever since, I vowed to never fly without it again. It relieved so much tension, an absolute must… I even fell asleep on it in my hotel bed after a long day of adventures. >>>

It is perfect for a targeted massage on-the-go, can easily fit in your bag, and an excellent gift as an essential massage tool. It can offer a deep warming TARGETED-massage to refresh and potentially stimulate the production of endorphins, which create feelings of euphoria, peace and comfort. (you can read more about the science on their site)

The mini sizes and travel/neck pillows are not always available on the main shopping site, but through my affiliate discount page, you can find them offered with a discount with also options for a free gift (the moon neck pillow) with purchase of a full-set, if you choose that option.

  • affiliate discount code “heathrrest” is only applicable if you are shopping through their main website link, but again, you won’t be able to find the specific mini sets and gift w/purchase offers that are embedded in my direct affiliate landing page.

Also, check out the Acupressure highlight on my Instagram page, that is FULL of testimonies from others who have again, also had tremendous success in utilizing such support— HERE.

3. Travel Pillow/Blanket Comfort (that’s not bulky!)

If you’re anything like me, you probably tend to over-pack…which also means that you maybe can’t stand those over-priced clunky memory-foam neck wrap pillows that they sell at the airport, and are annoying to lug around because they don’t compartmentalize well.

Last year, I travelled with this multifunction pillow-blanket duo that is super unassuming but checked all the boxes for convenience, practicality, yet still offering comfort/support while attempting to rest while in-travel.

It’s super soft/comfortable..can offer warmth, but also somehow still light-weight enough to not be a burden! The blanket actually rolls up in to the sleeve compartment to create a make-shift pillow option. ALSO, it clips–so it is super easy to clip on to your purse or carry-on bag. But, it’s lightweight enough that I just throw it in to my bag and it’s not even a second thought or much added weight (I prefer this usually so I don’t have to worry about it rubbing up against airport grimy surfaces).

You can find it (also super affordable), linked here.

Let’s get on to the snacks…

4. SKOUT SNACK BARS (sweet + moist, not dry)

I mean, I guess they were initially intended to be marketed to kids, but convienient deliciousness knows no age, if you ask me. These are small-batch made organic, gluten-free, vegan, kosher and MADE WITH SEVEN OR LESS INGREDIENTS! My favorite flavor is the almond cookie (tastes like the “animal cookie” crackers from my childhood), pecan pie and gingerbread…but I recommend grabbing a variety pack so that you can find your personal preference.

You can use my affiliate discount code “REST” to save $! They also recently launched cookies, which are just as tasty!!

5. THE ultimate Grass-Fed JUICY Beef Sticks!

I have an entire highlight on my Instagram page dedicated to these super juicy, best-I’ve-ever-had grass-fed beef sticks, and have been gushing over them since 2017!

: find them with an embedded discount linked here— and I bet that you will end up loving the on-the-go high-quality protein snacks too!


Our family eats olives pretty much EVERY SINGLE DAY. Other than our long-time favorite plain green olive snack packs from TJ’s, these RESEALABLE flavorful packs have become a travel go-to!

They are olives traditionally grown in Greece and harvested when bursting with flavor; marinated in extra virgin olive oil so that they stay juicy and then they toss them in a variety of unique spices (flavor options). Find them — linked here.

x. Heather