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A New Year’s POA

So if you read the “health journey” paragraph in the “about” page of my blog, then you are aware that this blog first came in to existence because of an autoimmune condition. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease/Thyroiditis (+hypothyroidism and some other related annoyances) when I was a first time mother, 9 years ago now. Afterwards, I walked through a very dedicated season of pursuing healing and learned via a vast array of health protocols, experts and anecdotal information through my own experiences – as well as earned a bachelor’s degree in Health in 2015. Then, for the most part of the years following, I adopted an 80/20 approach to my lifestyle — read my article about that, here.

Now although I prefer to focus on an 80/20 joy-filled approach of living, there are times when I have to be laser-focused on healing… and one of those times is now.

For reference, when I was first diagnosed back in 2013, my initial antibodies level was over 900. Symptom-wise at that point, I felt like a complete zombie in every way. After utilizing different healing protocols, I eventually got to a place where my antibodies and symptoms were no longer an issue!

But this past year (2022) I got COVID while traveling for a work trip, and was in bed for a few weeks because of lack of energy. Fortunately, I had barely any other symptoms though. Since then, I’ve talked to many friends and acquaintances who went through the same weeks of COVID-lethargy and they agreed with me, that it felt exactly like when we had mono (I personally had this when I was a teenager and my immune system was never the same thereafter). Slowly but surely, in the months after COVID… subtle Hashimoto’s symptoms started trickling back in. I am pretty sure that whatever the “thing” is, it is what set my thyroid antibodies level off–to increase, after being under control for the most part of the past years while living with an 80/20 approach. *there are some theories out there that mono is related to EBV, EBV is linked to long-term fatigue issues, also related to Hashimoto’s — all of which COVID purportedly has the ability to reactivate/worsen.


The Autoimmune Protocol was formulated based on collective insight from over 1,200 scientific studies proving just how powerful the therapeutic potential of the AIP can be!  Tens of thousands of people have successfully used the AIP to manage and mitigate their autoimmune diseases.

In a 2017 clinical trial in patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, 73% of participants were in full clinical remission after following the AIP for only six weeks.

In a 2019 clinical trial in patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, patients experienced significant improvement in clinical symptom burden as measured by the MSQ, which decreased from an average of 92 points at the beginning of the study to 29 points after 10 weeks of AIP.

When I first utilized this elimination protocol, I started with this book.

*First 1/2 year = 100% wellness-focused*

: here is the gist for my first part of 2023…

  • 100% AIP in January, to halt inflammatory response
  • No alcohol or cigars, to allow body to be able to spend as much energy on healing as possible
  • No planes/flights (unless absolutely necessary), to lower radiation exposure
  • A mountain/nature healing getaway that’s within driving distance
  • Re-test antibody levels at the end of February
  • March re-intro eggs
  • April re-intro grains
  • Summer—slowly transition back to 80/20 lifestyle
  • No sprints/explosive cardio–steady jogging instead, to maintain a calm nervous system
  • Gonstead chiropractic adjustments every 2 weeks
  • Medical lymphatic massage every 2 weeks
  • Bone broth 2x day, gut healing
  • Homemade collagen/gelatin gummies weekly, gut healing
  • Cook meals with organ meat weekly, most nutrient-dense nourishment
  • Accupressure mat 2 x day, reduce inflammation
  • Dry-brushing 2 x day, lymphatic movement aid
  • Hot epsom + mag salt baths every other day, helps purge toxins/sweat
  • Strict cell phone off at 9pm every night, circadian rhythm balancing
  • Social media-free weekends 2x month, reduce stress
  • Absolutely ZERO tolerance for any negative energy, stupidity/pettiness, etc from strangers, or anyone
  • Kids hugs at least 15 x day, all the happy endorphins
  • Designated “work hours” and “no work hours” with deep breathing breaks during active work time
  • Grounding daily – bare feet on earth for improve sleep, reduce inflammation, improved tissue and cell repair, enhanced blood flow, increased heart rate variability, and improved electrical activity in the brain
  • Start taking OO’s autoimmune-specific probiotic again, linked here use discount code “HEATHER”
  • Dark berries daily, improve cognition, improve any possible insulin sensitivity, serum glucose regulation, and improved gut health
  • Fatty salmon 2x week, fight systemic inflammation
  • Raw carrot salad daily, reduce endotoxins/estrogen dominance
  • Avocado daily, good fats
  • Eat cooked mushrooms as often as possible, immune-modulating
  • Lobster 1x week, for selenium
  • Tuna salads weekly, for selenium
  • Continue oyster & liver supplements daily
  • no nightshade ingredients 
  • Sacred Frankincense & St John’s-wort/Arnica oil roller on spine daily
  • Endoflex roller daily on thyroid 
  • Tibetan singing bowl daily w/meditation/prayer, for sound and energy healing for body (reduce stress)
  • Frequent castor oil packs on liver, increase circulation + improve elimination and healing of tissues/organs
  • Red light therapy on thyroid daily, modulates immune system at the skin and joints as well

So when I first shared with my Instagram community, about how my antibodies level had increased, (you can find the highlight for those saved story slides — here), I had also briefly mentioned that I was thinking of creating a Telegram chat for anyone else also going through the same. However, after contemplating about this, I realized that the specifics of it would end up causing more stress for me than needed, at least for now. It’s almost impossible to ensure that those who are definitely not supposed to be a part of it, wouldn’t also gain access.

Don’t get me wrong, I would absolutely love to have a specific community for this journey, with absolutely no pressure to post or help everyone though; more so just a place to chat and share ideas, products, recipes, etc. during AIP… but I just don’t know how to do so right now, in a protected way! I will keep brainstorming though…


You must consult your personal health care provider before trying any herbal supplements.  This article is a personalized plan of action for my needs/my body, it is not to be blindly copied without due diligence. Each person’s body make-up will differ due to preexisting conditions, bioindividuality. Furthermore, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should consult their lactation consultant prior to consuming any new supplements, since active elements can pass through breastmilk/placenta.  Always consult a naturopathic and/or medical doctor before using any alternative medicines/therapy!

I’ll be back next year (bye-bye 2022!) with an update at some point,

x. Heather