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Hydrating & Healing All-Natural Fruit Leathers RECIPE

My love for bone broth is no secret and my testimonial consists of magical health restorations since incorporating ‘bb’ in to my lifestyle.

However, as I’m currently in my first trimester of pregnancy (yes, we’re pregnant again! WOO-HOO! *Happy Dance* –more on this to come), I currently have the most INSANE aversion to ANYTHING meat!  Like, I’m talking SO severe that we’ve had to drastically alter my husband’s work lunches because I cannot handle (physically) even looking at meat, let alone touching it -*GAG*!

So… sadly bone broth is currently out of the picture.  But knowing my body so well, I knew that I couldn’t live without the benefits I have been relishing in for over a year now.  Plus, this pregnancy is so different from my other two, that all my muscles already feel loose as a goose, and even turning over in bed is scary for my hips/pelvis right now! – crazy, I know, that is pregnancy hormones for ya.  So you see, my insides need the protection! [you can find my article about bone broth and its’ benefits – here.]

This ‘situation’ ultimately lead me to creating a recipe that incorporates gelatin (found in ‘bb’). The ingredient has awesome digestive, skin, and even mental health benefits.  It contains the powerful amino acids – glycine and proline.  It can heal your gut, revitalize your skin, protect your joints and is just overall incredibly nourishing.



Boil your chosen fruit (most recently I used raspberry) in coconut water — amount will vary depending on how much fruit you are using — for about 15 minutes.

Drain water, add boiled fruit in to Vitamix, blend until you have a smooth paste.

Add gelatin while stirring, then add honey and lemon juice (You can probably do with only half a lemon’s juice, but per my taste, I use 1 whole lemon).  Blend all until completely mixed and smooth.

Pour mixture on to a silicone baking mat (or parchment paper) on top of a baking sheet.  Using a palette knife or flat spatula, spread the fruit mixture to about 1/8 inch thin/even all-over (leaving the sides a tad bit thicker).

Most people don’t own dehydrators, so baking the mixture at 200 degrees for about 3 hours, or until desired texture, will do!

After cooling down, cut in to desire shapes and sizes and store with fresh parchment paper between each (or roll-up w. parch. paper) to avoid sticking.


x. Heather