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Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is one of the methods that I use daily to aid my body in detoxification.  Amongst it, I also drink a daily morning lemon water, as well as take nightly detox baths. There are seemingly an endless amount of “recipes” or short, few-day “plans” soliciting whole-body detoxing.  However, some fads can actually/potentially do more harm than the promised good. That is, because proper detoxing is not a quick fix.  To effectively aid the body in its’ detoxing abilities, there are safe daily detox routines that can be adopted.

With that being said, here are a few toxins that most people are exposed to on a daily basis, toxins that may be stored within the body and can potentially cause issues – such as autoimmune conditions (cancer, etc.).


  • Environmental pollutants
  • Fluoride in drinking water
  • Chlorine in bathing water
  • Pesticides + herbicides on produce
  • Processed food preservatives
  • Alcohol
  • Antibiotics
  • Chemicals on clothes, household items

Now getting in to dry brushing, here are some of the health benefits incorporated with this regular self-care routine:


  •             Increase in Circulation
  •             Clearer skin/pores
  •             Softens skin over time
  •             Lymphatic System support
  •             Helps rid cellulite
  •             Increase in energy

For those who deal with autoimmune conditions, most of us know that the lymphatic system is one of the major parts of the body’s immune system.  Lymph vessels are found just below the skin, hence why dry brushing in certain patterns can aid the organs, nodes, vessels, and ducts that the lymphatic system is made up of.

The main idea is to brush towards your heart.  For those who have never tried dry brushing, or maybe never even heard of it – here are some example photos found online that can help guide first-timers:


Dry brushing is an excellent way to aid the body’s natural cleansing abilities. The skin is the largest (detoxification) organ of the body, with its’ main functions being to protect, regulate, and sense. Therefore, rejuvenating this wondrous organ can encourage cell renewal and aid in overall wellness.


(See guide photos above). Buy Here: body brush –I like coconut fiber brushes that are harder than the most commonly found soft bristle brushes.

I sometimes incorporate body oil (usually at night), but there are other times where I don’t use any oil.  That being said, I usually start at my feet and then up my legs – always towards my heart and chest (where lymph system drains).  I do the same with my upper body, starting with my hands, then up the arms towards the heart.  I brush each section of skin maybe 6-7 times and repeat this for the entire body.

*NOTE: When you first start to dry brush, your skin may feel a bit irritated, as the bristles are a bit stiff.  However, using soft strokes can help ease in to this exfoliating practice.

This practice may seem time-consuming to some, however, on days that I don’t have much time, I will always make sure to at least dry brush my armpits.  I feel that this is imperative to my personal health, as stroking the lymph nodes within the armpits tends to also give me a rush (energy) as it stimulates lymphatic system.

Happy Brushing!

x. Heather

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